Romain Génois, Ph.D. [ Scientific Worker, Department of Materials Engineering ]

Place: SHB, Office: A 109
Tel.: (+420) 266 053327

Research Interests


Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel, Université de Nantes, France
Influence of dopants oxidation states control on the photoluminescence properties of inorganic phosphors
2014-2015Master of Materials Sciences
Université de Nantes, Université d'Angers, France

Supervised students

2018Gabin Galnon
Synthesis and characterization of doped inorganic photoluminescent materials
2017Stanislas Brochard-Garnier
Synthesis and characterization of new photoluminescent hybrid perovskites

Research projects

2022-2024High-enthalpy deposition of hybrid plasma spray coatings
Provider: Czech Science Foundation; Project ID:
2022-2024 High-enthalpy deposition of hybrid plasma spray coatings
Provider: Czech Science Foundation; Project ID: *22-21478S
2016-2020Combinatorial approach for the discovery of new phosphors for solid-state lighting
Provider: French National Research Agency (ANR); Project ID:
2018The Crucial Impact of Cerium Reduction on Photoluminescence
Principal investigator
Provider: Synchrotron Soleil; Project ID:

List of Publications

2021Yuan H., Génois R., Glais E., Chen F., Shen Q., Zhang L., Faulques E., Qi L., Massuyeau F., Gautier R.: Machine learning identification of experimental conditions for the synthesis of single-phase white phosphors. Matter, 4, 12, 2021, 3967-3976 [ Abstract ] [ Link ] [ DOI ]
2020Génois R., Jobic S., Ouvrard G., Massuyeau F., Gautier R.: The crucial impact of cerium reduction on photoluminescence. Applied Materials Today, 20, 100643 [ Abstract ] [ Link ] [ DOI ]
2018Brochard-Garnier S., Paris M., Génois R., Han Q., Liu Y., Massuyeau F., Gautier R.: Screening Approach for the Discovery of New Hybrid Perovskites with Efficient Photoemission. Advanced Functional Materials 2019, 29 (1), 1806728 [ Abstract ] [ Link ] [ DOI ]
2017Barroux H., Jiang T., Paul C., Massuyeu M., Gordon E. E., Whangbo M.-H., Jobic S., Gautier R.: Fine-Tuning the Properties of Doped Multifunctional Materials by Controlled Reduction of Dopants. Chemistry – A European Journal, 2017, 23, 2998–3001 [ Abstract ] [ Link ] [ DOI ]
2016Bolle P., Serier-Brault H., Génois R., Faulques E., Boulmier A., Oms O., Lepeltier M., Marrot J., Dolbecq A., Mialane P., Dessapt R.: Drastic solid-state luminescence color tuning of an archetypal Ir(iii) complex using polyoxometalates and its application as a vapoluminescence chemosensor. J. Mater. Chem. C, 2016, 4, 11392–11395 [ Abstract ] [ Link ] [ DOI ]